sometimes you just need a margarita…

good morning! i’m back in madison after a quick little “vacation” in st. louis and my to-do list for today is outrageous, plus i overslept, so this is going to be a quickie!

first, i want to quickly recap brad’s and my dinner from sunday night. i spent about 7 straight hours putting finishing touches on my research proposal sunday afternoon, so when 8:30pm hit and we hadn’t eaten dinner yet, i asked for a margarita! πŸ™‚ so we headed to our favorite mexican restaurant near brad’s house.

el maguey! i love this place. the food is quick, their chips and salsa are delicious, and they make strong margaritas! so of course, those were first on the list:

chips and salsa

and margaritas! πŸ™‚ after we ordered we just chatted away and enjoyed the night. i had to snap a photo of the decor. it’s so bright and festive!

each booth-back and the table tops of non-booth tables had these fun murals painted on them. there were also murals along the ceiling as kind of a border.

our food arrived very quickly! i got the fajita quesadilla, which had grilled veggies and cheese in it with a side of rice, lettuce, pico, and guacamole!

i thought brad took a photo of his chimichanga, too, but my camera must have eaten it.

i highly recommend el maguey if you’re craving mexican in the st. louis area! we’ve never been disappointed there.


30 day challenge: day 17

today’s challenge is to post a photo of something that has had a big impact on your life lately.

i know this is a little boring, but this is my programs’s handbook of procedures. this has been my life lately as i turned in my research proposal to my committee and am now preparing my presentation and defense of my proposal (my 2nd preliminary exam) for march 28.

this has definitely been in the forefront of my mind lately and has impacted my life immensely. the stress that comes with preparing for an oral preliminary exam is one that i’m thankful i haven’t experienced much in my life. it’s so scary and i’m almost to the point where i’m just going to go in there cross my fingers and hope all goes well because i’m not sure what else i can do to prepare. has anyone else had this feeling with a major project/presentation?


alright, that’s all i’ve got for you guys today! i’m off to tackle that to-do list!! have a wonderful thursday!

what’s your favorite kind of food to eat at restaurants?

i love indian and japanese restaurants the most because i feel like i can’t make that food at home (yet!). i mix up mexican dishes all the time at home!

About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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19 Responses to sometimes you just need a margarita…

  1. Ooh chips and salsa are so yummy! And Mexican food is always yummy. πŸ™‚

    No surprise here, but I love eating Italian food! πŸ™‚

    • Sarah says:

      oooh, i do love italian food! we have a decent italian restaurant in our hometown – i haven’t had italian in a while! now i’m craving it…

  2. love mexican night. and goooooood luck girl! you are going to rock it πŸ™‚

    • Sarah says:

      eek, thanks girl! i’ve still got a little time before my prelim, so the major nerves haven’t hit me yet! ask me again how i feel in about a week!

  3. I always love the bright decor in Mexican restaurants! While I love Mexican food, I also enjoy Indian & Thai….mmm!

  4. Well, we live in San Antonio, TX, so there are an abundance of Tex-Mex places around. I have my favorites, depending on if I want a strong margarita or good veggie fajitas. Unfortunately they aren’t the same restaurant. πŸ™‚ I also love Thai and Asian inspired restaurants, as I have a hard time recreating those flavors at home.

    • Sarah says:

      awww, bummer that your margarita place and your veggie fajita place aren’t the same! haha… i usually judge on margaritas first. πŸ˜‰

  5. Show that to-do list who is boss!!!!!!

    my fav foods to eat at restaurants are thai + greek!! yummm! falafel without the mess in my kitchen is fantastic =) though i make a mean falafel!!! hehe

    • Sarah says:

      i haven’t had a lot of greek food before – i did LOVE the greek tapas restaurant brad and i went to for my birthday! i don’t know if i’ve ever had falafel…

  6. KT says:

    I love El Maguey and yes, sometimes you just need a margarita πŸ™‚ I stopped at one of their locations recently with a friend after we did 5 loads of laundry together on a Wednesday night after work and it was a need-a-margarita kind of night too!

    I love Thai, Japanese and Indian restaurants most and like Michelle, most of these are due to the fact that it is difficult/more expensive to make truly authentic dishes of these varieties at home!

    • Sarah says:

      πŸ™‚ it makes me so happy that you know all of the places that i talk about on here! i would need a margarita after 5 loads of laundry too! i hate doing laundry.

  7. Dorry says:

    We love to go out to eat sushi since it’s something we don’t make at home. But there are a few Tex-Mex places that we can’t resist every now & then!

    • Sarah says:

      i wish i could learn to make my own sushi – it’s one of my favorite kinds of food to go out for, but it’s so expensive. i know i could make it cheaper!

  8. There are few things a giant margarita won’t make better! πŸ™‚

  9. Toni says:

    My gosh there are so many!! Indian, Mexican, Vietnamese!!! oooof the list can go on and on and on! πŸ™‚

  10. Kristen says:

    Thank you… I now need to go back to El Maguey, even though I was just there 2 weeks ago. LOVE…

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