hi friends! happy thursday!! this post is going to be a bit scattered because i’ve been slacking lately. there are quite a few things i’ve been meaning to touch on in my posts, and i’m knocking out a few of them today! 🙂


i mentioned that i’m trying to eat down my pantry since i’m moving in a month and half. i ran out of oats last week, and instead of replenishing them, i’ve been eating (EVERY DAY) the bag of bob’s red mill 10 grain hot cereal that i bought over a year ago. i don’t know why i never opened up the bag, but i decided i would not be moving it!

i’ve been making it exactly like i would make my hot oats: with a mashed banana, half water and half (hemp) milk, adding in chia seeds and wheatberries, and topping with blueberries, pb, trail mix, etc. i like it, but i don’t LOVE it. i can’t wait to restock my oats!


fremember when i told you about the book i was reading? the sharper your knife, the less you cry by kathleen flinn.

well i finished it last week. it was pretty good, but it took me waaaay longer to read than a book normally does. i just never really got sucked into it, so i read a chapter before bed a night or two a week. usually, when i love a book, i read several chapters at night, stay up past my bedtime reading, and read it during lunch break, on the bus, and anytime i can squeeze it in!

the book tells kathleen’s story of moving to paris and going to culinary school at le cordon bleu. it was interesting and fun to read, but i can tell you that it did NOT make me want to go to culinary school! 🙂 i would recommend it if you’re looking for an easy, light, read.


also, a couple weeks ago, i asked you guys to help me decide how to spend my $20 barnes and noble groupon. i gave lots of options, but i decided to go with the one that i was kind of leaning toward the whole time! i’ll probably take the rest of the ones on my list from the library!

i’ve only read the introduction and chapter 1 so far (i got it yesterday), but i am so excited to read more! the first thing the author recommends is to actually keep a log of your days for 168 hours, so i started that today and will be continuing it until next week wednesday! i’ll give you a better review once i finish it.


and finally, i realized yesterday that i had never done a recap of my february goals! honestly, i didn’t really look back at this list at all during february, so i wasn’t sure what i had said i wanted to do (oops!). let’s see what i wanted to accomplish last month:

  • learn my camera. i don’t expect to be an expert by the end of the month, but i want to continue to learn the settings and improve my photos. ← i did ok on this one. i did play with my camera once or twice more, but not to the extent i wanted to…
  • yoga 1x per week and strength training 1x per week. ← i am totally counting my 30 day shred as strength training, so yay on that half of the goal! as far as yoga, i think i practiced once all month. boo.
  • vegan for a week. i’m participating in morgan’s vegan for a week challenge starting next monday. i’m excited to see how i do! :) ← i give myself an a++ on this one! i completed the challenge and LOVED it!
  • get back in touch with friends. i have a list of about 5 or 6 friends that i owe phone calls to. it’s been over a month (or two) since i’ve caught up with these girls and that just won’t do. ← eh, i’d say i met this one half way. i did catch up with pretty much everyone on my list, but i’m probably due for another phone call soon!


today is going to be another busy one, trying to check more things off of my list for march. then, (late) tonight brad is arriving to spend the weekend in madison! i can’t wait! but i have lots to do before then…

do you set monthly goals? is it motivating to you?

i’m trying to get into the habit of setting small, monthly goals, but obviously, last month i didn’t really look back on the goals to keep making progress on them. i’ll try to do better this month!


About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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8 Responses to slacking…

  1. yay for brad visiting and for not having to drive!!

  2. I really want to learn to use my camera – right now, I just stick to the auto setting! Hope you have a great day, Sarah!

    • Sarah says:

      ahh, i graduated from auto, but not much! 🙂 and i still use my iphone most of the time bc it’s so easy and then i don’t feel like i SHOULD be changing settings!

  3. ohmygosh! hurry up and read the book and write a review!!! i want to know if I should buy it! hehe! it sounds amazing!

    I need to keep playing with my camera too! its hard to figure that little guy out!


  4. I don’t set monthly goals, but with things so hectic lately, I might have to start!

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