you can change your genes!

today i’ll be addressing one of the topics that one of my wonderful readers suggested the other day! 🙂

but first, my meals from yesterday! honestly, they were a lot of repeats so i won’t spend too much time on them.


breakfast was a green monster smoothie in a bowl eaten at my desk:

i know some people can’t eat smoothies when it’s cold out, but honestly, i’m eating them INside in the warmth! when i’m in my office i don’t feel by -11*F windchill that’s going on outside!



lunch was a big bag of veggies with hummus that i ate during a seminar – it’s VERY hard to eat celery quietly, but i tried because i was really hungry!

then i had a black bean burger and leftover fries from last night.

unfortunately, i forgot to take a photo until i was almost done eating! oops.


snack + dinner

i had a quick snack of a slice of bread with hummus.

dinner was another black bean burger in wrap form and the last of my roasted veggies from the other night on the side.

i was feeling SO snacky last night – nothing was satisfying me! i had another two small slices of bread with almond butter and agave.

then i had a nice big cup of chocolate almond breeze for dessert.


vegan week:

i’m still keeping up with vegan week, but it’s been harder not to cheat the last few days. i’ve been having cravings, and they are NOT for vegan foods! oh well….3 more days!


ok, now onto the fun topic. lindsay suggested that i talk about something that i’m learning lately in school. since i’m mostly done with classes at this point in my program, i’ll talk about what we’re covering in my seminar series for this semester.

the topic of the series is epigenetics. epigenetics literally means “above genetics.” but what it is is really the study of how genetically identical individuals (human identical twins or animal models that are often used for research) are not always identical. the two examples that we got in our introduction to the topic were two sets of twins: one set of older women where one sister got cancer and one did not, and the other set was young girls where one sister had severe autism and the other sister functioned normally.

both of these sets of individuals have IDENTICAL dna. so how did one of them develop a disease and the other did not? epigenetics. there are several ways that your body can modify your dna. without going into too much detail, these changes happen in response to environmental factors: nutrition, physical activity, environmental toxins.

they’re even finding out that things that modify your grandmother’s dna before your mom or dad was born may affect YOUR dna. but, they also believe that you can change your dna back from a negative modification.

this is all pretty new research and not a whole lot is known about it yet. but it could definitely answer a lot of questions that people were hoping would be answered when the human genome project was finished.

if you are interested in this topic and want to find out more, there is a great nova video on the topic. it’s called “ghost in your genes”. if you google that you’ll find the video. if you do want to watch it, watch the pbs version, not the bbc version. the pbs version is much more informative.


ok, i hope you guys didn’t find that too boring or irrelevant. i think it is fascinating new knowledge and i could have gone on for another 500+ words about everything i’ve learned about epigenetics so far.


are you a student? what is something interesting you learned recently?


About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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10 Responses to you can change your genes!

  1. Kristina says:

    Love all the hummus throughout the day-yum! I’m not a student (but I do miss it!)

    • Sarah says:

      i know – hummus is my savior this week! 🙂 i know i’ll miss being a student once i finally ‘grow up’. i wish i could take classes forever!

  2. whoa! that is so cool! sounds like an interesting conference. thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. So interesting! I love reading about your meals. They totally inspire me to eat the way I know I should.

    • Sarah says:

      that makes my day to hear that heather! 🙂 you guys definitely make me wish i had a house to remodel or home projects to do. i can’t WAIT to be a home-owner. it’ll probably be a while before that happens though… :/

  4. WOW.. okay def checking out that video!! that could help!

    • Sarah says:

      it’s so cool! i totally recommend watching it. 🙂 it’s split into 6 parts, so you have to click each of them separately, but it’s so interesting.

  5. Really interesting. Thanks! I’m a student of blogs and books these days – my higher education days are behind me. I did pick up some spanish on Dora today with my toddler, does that count? 🙂

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