do you tattoo?

i sat down at my computer this morning with my mind completely blank for today’s post topic. this has never happened to me before (you know, in the whole month and 5 days that i’ve been blogging…!).

so, i decided to talk about a topic that i think is really fun, and one that a reader had asked me to explain a bit more: my tattoos!

when i did my 7 random things for the stylish blogger award, i said that i love tattoos and that i have 3. first of all, i’m cool with pretty much any body art. i think it’s your body and you can do what you want with it. however, i think it is important to think about the impression that you’re giving off in certain situations. for me, i have a feeling working in a professional setting is in my future once i’m with my 25 years of school, so, i’ve made sure that all of my tattoos are in a place that can easily be covered.

some people are lucky enough to be able to put all of their tattoos and body art out there, but that’s not me. i know that might sound like i’m trying to hide something, but i’m not ashamed of my tattoos (i’m putting them out there for the world to see right now!). i just did what i was comfortable with.


ok, that spiel is done, on to the fun stuff!

here is my first tattoo:

i got this one when i was 18. i knew i wanted a tattoo, but i didn’t really put a lot of thought into choosing something that meant a lot to me, etc. i just wanted a fun tattoo! it’s very low on my right hip and can really only be seen when i’m in a bathing suit. on hindsight, this probably won’t look so hot after a pregnancy or two of stretching out. oh well.


my second tattoo was really random and entirely unplanned!

it’s a really cute little flower on my left foot. again, this tattoo has no hidden meaning other than i really loved how the flower looked. i got this one was i was probably 20? my roommate and bff from college met me on campus one day and said “i’m so bored. i want to get my belly button pierced. will you come with me & get something done?”. this belly button thing was a HUGE deal for her but i already had mine pierced. i agreed to go with her and find something for me to do too! i vetoed getting the buttom part of my belly button or my nose pierced, but i decided i’d just get a tattoo! i picked this little one and went with it. so this tattoo went from idea to reality in about an hour!


and finally, my last tattoo.

this tattoo could really use a whole post talking about its story. i think i’ll leave you with the essential details and i can talk about this more in depth later. this is my favorite out of the 3. i was 22 when i got it and my sister went with me and got the same one. it’s on my left wrist (easily covered with a watch). a LOT of thought went into this tattoo – we designed it ourselves! it has major personal significance and definitely means the most to me out of all of my tattoos and i love love love it.


so there you have it! the only one i ever wished i had put a little more thought into was my shooting stars, but i’m kind of over that now it’s totally a part of me and i still really love it! i’m just hoping my skin snaps back after i have a baby and it still looks good! πŸ˜‰ wishful thinking? eh, maybe. we’ll see!!


now i’m off to wake my fiance so we can make another epic veggie omelette. then we have a kind of busy day including oil changes on both of our cars and then a decemberists concert in milwaukee tonight!


so how about you? do you have any tatoos? do you like/dislike tats?

[i won’t be offended if you say you don’t like tattoos!]

About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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27 Responses to do you tattoo?

  1. Kelly says:

    I love tattoos! Well, for the most part. Yours are all cute!

    I have one that I got when I was 18, and I’ve wanted to get more for a long time, I just wish they weren’t so expensive!

  2. Kristina says:

    Love your tats! I’m not a tat person, nothing against them, just never wanted one:) Doesn’t stop me from watching all the realty tattoo shows though!

  3. Jo says:

    Cute Tattoos! I love the one on your wrist!

  4. I do not have a tattoo and will probably never get one. That being said, I do NOT judge others for having them! I’m a firm believer in expression, and if people want to get tattoos, that’s great! My husband has a tattoo of a cross on his back (left shoulder blade).

    I would LOVE to hear more about the tattoo that you and your sister both got!

  5. i’ve got two. like you, i made sure they’re in places that could be easily covered. i don’t regret getting them, but i probably wouldn’t get them again. one has significance and one really doesn’t. quite honestly, most of the time i forget i have them…lol

  6. I want one on my wrist so badly! LOVE YOURS! ❀

    I'm covered in tattoos. all down my ribcage, foot, hip…. ❀

    • Sarah says:

      oh fun! i really wanted one on my ribcage for a while, but i never got it. i decided that i’d have to lose a couple lbs before that one would look good! πŸ˜‰

  7. your tats are so pretty!! i LOVE the one on your wrist.. if i ever got one thats where id put mine!

  8. Cait says:

    OMG I was going to talk about tattoos for my blog tomorrow haha- so funny you beat me to it; ) i’ll keep you posted on my blog and you can read all about it tomorrow- but yes i love tats !

  9. emily says:

    Those stars are so cute! I love tatoos. I have two; a star on my hip and a bow tramp stamp.

  10. Love your tats! #1 is absolutely beautiful! & I love how #3 has so much meaning for you! I have 2: 1 was just picked off a wall, and the 2nd I designed myself. I love them both, but I totally know what you mean about it being so much more special when it’s personal & you designed it yourself!

  11. I really like that first one. It’s really cool! I did the same thing when I was 18, just went in & got one, mine is a bumble bee. Now people slap me on the shoulder & go, “There’s a bee on your shoulder”. Mistake. πŸ™‚

  12. janetha says:

    i really don’t like tattoos! so ironic, since marshall is covered in them. i think that, unless they have a really stellar meaning behind them, they are lame. funny, i tell marshall that all the time. he continues to cover his body in them. to each his own!

    • Sarah says:

      that does surprise me that you don’t like them! i would have guessed you did because of your husband’s. πŸ™‚ haha, goes to show you that it is most definitely not what is on the outside that matters! <– i seriously feel so cheesy for writing that, but it's true!

  13. I have one tattoo (well it’s technically two I got done at once) on my left front hip bone. It is a filagree cross and the word redeemed in Hebrew. I spent a lot of time picking out a cross that would look good should it stretch πŸ™‚ and then several hours in the seminary library and talking with the Hebrew scholar making sure I had the right word. I didn’t want to be the person who had “hooker” tattooed on them when they thought it meant love. πŸ™‚

    It means redeemed in the sense that my life is redeemed from the pit…both emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I love it and need to get it touched up but it was a great 25th birthday present to myself.

  14. Love this! I have an incredible plethora of tattoos and am no where close to being finished! Some of them have incredible meaning, and some of them are just things I like (and then there’s my tribal tramp stamp… oops), but they are all definitely a part of what makes me ME! πŸ™‚

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