momo’s has been on brad & my list of places to visit in st. louis for a LONG time. my friends and i used to go there all the time when i was in college, but i haven’t been in 3 years! 😦

momo’s is a greek tavern that serves greek tapas (mezes). the restaurant has a really cool vibe, from pillows on the benches, to a curtain draping the entrance, and belly-dancing in the evenings. i was so excited when brad agreed that it would be a perfect place for my birthday lunch on saturday! 🙂  i’m all about ordering a bunch of little dishes so i get to taste more things on the menu.

as soon as we arrived we got to business choosing our food. i really wanted to get a bunch of mezes, but brad spotted gyros on the menu and HAD to have one! so brad ordered a lamb gyro.

and i ordered the baked brie.

and crab cakes (brad was really the one who wanted these too!)

i also KNEW i wanted some sangria, so i ordered a glass! (yes, it was 1pm, but it was my birthday!!)

and after brad tasted my glass, he wanted some too, so we ordered a pitcher! eek.

then the food came and it was glorious.

the brie arrived first, and brad and i pretty much attacked it! i loved how much fruit they put on the plate.

there were also some walnuts on it for some added crunch!

brad’s gyro was great as well. he didn’t love that he couldn’t pick it up like a wrap and had to use a knife and fork, but that didn’t matter once we tasted it. it was a really good gyro. i think my favorite part was the cucumber yogurt sauce.

and finally the crab cakes! they were really good too, but i liked the little roasted pepper relish that came with them the most. it added a lot of flavor and made the actual crab cakes less dry. also i loved that they gave us a bunch of olives on this plate. what’s greek food without some kalamata olives?!?

we were stuffed by the time we were done eating, so we skipped dessert (although we had sangria, so i guess that was our sweet treat!).

oh, and about that sangria – i think it was a bad idea to have an entire pitcher for lunch. i could FEEL it a lot! thank goodness brad drove home! we got back to his house and i passed out for a 2 hour nap. geez – i didn’t realize how potent it was!

i knew i was going to love this meal, but i was really happy that brad did too (even though he was sad that he missed the belly dancing). 😉

on taste, i give momo’s an A.  it was so good! the only thing i would have changed was that the crab cakes were slightly dry.

on price, i give them an A+! our bill was a little higher than most lunches out, but we got a pitcher of sangria! the mezes are very reasonably priced and so were the drinks (a pitcher of sangria was only $16 – and it was STRONG!). i highly recommend momo’s to anyone in the st. louis area!

Momos on Urbanspoon


i’ll be back later today with a recap of the rest of my birthday!

did you try any new restaurants or foods over the weekend?


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hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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8 Responses to momo’s

  1. Oh wow the food looks soooo good! A good yogurt sauce is worth its weight in gold =) and piling the plates with fruit and veggies? um… they rock! =)

    In other news =) I’m bummed you didn’t win the giveaway… I’m gonna have to have another in Feb for sure.

    Can’t wait to see the rest of your birthday recap! =) wish I had been there to drink the sangria with ya! ❤

    • Sarah says:

      i wish you had been there to drink the sangria with us too – then maybe i wouldn’t have had so much! ahh…

      i’ll definitely try again in february! 🙂

  2. ahh that place loooks GOOD! esp that colossal crab cake- YUM

  3. Now I am officially STARVING! This looks amazing. Jealous! 🙂

  4. OliePants says:

    That gyro looks mouth-wateringly-delicious! I have to say I didn’t try any new restaurants this weekend but this post is making me want to!

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