wedding looks – i need some help!

deciding upon a “look” for the wedding party can be a really hard decision! you don’t want to make people wear clothes they’re not comfortable in. you don’t want to break the bank. you want to be original. it’s tough!

my plans for the “look” of our wedding party has changed so so many times. i figured it might help me to lay out my options and get some feedback. so please, honest opinions on what looks look the best, please let me know!

first of all, brad and i decided on blue as our wedding color. we’re thinking a pretty aqua-ish blue (we both have blue eyes and it’s brad’s favorite color), but, i didn’t want to force my bridesmaids to buy an aqua dress none of them would ever have any chance of wearing again. so, i decided on black bridesmaids dresses. my sister (maid of honor) and i found a bill levkoff dress that we both love. it’s strapless, has pockets, complements my dress, and seems flattering. we also went with silver simply vera by vera wang necklaces (they’re already purchased). here’s the bridesmaid look:

(images sources: shoes, necklace, necklace, dress)

the girls won’t wear these exact shoes. i’m asking them to wear black shoes – i just really like these! 🙂 i’m thinking that the flowers will have to have some blue to tie the bridesmaids’ look with the blue color we chose.

(flowers aren’t decided upon yet – i’ll be asking for opinions on them soon!)


now, it’s the guys that i’m really having trouble with. i’ve been tossing 3 ideas around in my head and i’d love some feedback!

option 1: guys wear black shirts with black tuxes and then have blue ties + napkins for their pockets for a pop of color (similar to what they did in the photo below)

(image source)

what worries me about this look is if it will be too much black with the girls wearing black dresses and the guys in all black.


option 2: guys wear grey tuxes with white shirts and aqua blue ties like this photo below. i included the first photo so you could get an idea of the grey tuxes with dark dresses.

(image source & source)

with this look, i’m afraid the bridesmaids and groomsmen won’t look like they go together enough. i don’t think it has to be matchy matchy, but i want it to be cohesive. do you think this look can go with my bridesmaids’ look?


option 3: traditional black tuxes with white shirts and blue ties + napkins.

(image source)

my problem with this is just that’s it’s so traditional. i like how it looks and i know it would go with my bridesmaids, i just don’t know if i want something so traditional.


ok, those are the options we’re thinking about right now for our bridal party “look.” now i need your help!

which groomsmen look do you like the best and why?

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hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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22 Responses to wedding looks – i need some help!

  1. This dress [] was raved about. my girls wore it to my wedding and also wore it to other weddings and raved about how cute/comfy/flattering it was.

    Just throwing it out there! it comes in black. I love the one you chose too!

    the necklaces are ah-mazing! genius even =)

    I vote traditional. black on black is a little too much black with black bridesmaid dresses and grey next to black with white and the color tie.. I’m not sure – it could be epic but it could also look a tad off? I’d ask your most fashionable friend and see what they think? REGARDLESS — Go with your gut love!

    • Sarah says:

      i really love that dress! we’ve already set the dress i chose in stone – some of the girls have ordered it already – but yours is definitely the same style i was looking for. 🙂 thanks for your feedback! not sure what we’ll decide but it helps to hear from others! 🙂

  2. first of all, i love love love the bridesmaid/MOH look! for the guys, i wouldn’t choose gray suits. personally i like the first one, all black with just blue ties. but the traditional also looks nice. it just depends if you want to break up all the black or not. i think the pop of blue from the ties on the guys and the pop of blue from the flowers on the girl would be really pretty against all black and would make the blue really stand out even if there’s just a little bit. also, it would make YOU stand out, which is the most important thing 🙂

    • Sarah says:

      we saw the black on black with the pop of blue ties + napkins and it looked really cool. i’m worried about all the black too, but i think we could make it work! 🙂

  3. Liz Jacquart says:

    Oh Dear! I am going to say no on the gray for sure! ….what if they had silver ties with black on black and then a turquoise flower deal-io pinned on them and we would have turquoise flowers in our bouquet?!?

    • Sarah says:

      i think if we do black on black we’ll do blue ties and clue pocket napkins – we saw that in a tuxedo rental place and it looks pretty sweet. but you’ll definitely have some color in your bouquets and the boys will have a flower that matches!

  4. iRun2BeFit says:

    That’s a tough one!! I think I like the gray suit best for the guys, but it’s really a tough call.
    The girls are lucky that you choose that dress WITH POCKETS!! How cool! I’m envious, I had to wear ugly dresses with no pockets 🙂

    • Sarah says:

      i’ve only been a bridesmaid in one other wedding and we wore floor length BROWN dresses (ok, the actual color was truffle, aka fancy name for brown) with no pockets. these dresses are a big step up from those! 🙂

  5. janetha says:


    • Sarah says:

      i know, pockets are the best! i’m so bummed, my dress doesn’t have side seams, so they can’t alter it and add pockets. 😦 but i’m a bridesmaid in two other weddings this summer and both of those dresses have pockets, so i’ll take what i can get!

  6. Emily Josephine says:

    Just found your blog through Healthy Tipping Point… and I love those bridesmaids necklaces! For the guys, I’d say traditional and if not traditional, grey. The black is just too dark for a wedding 🙂 Good luck with everything! I just started grad school and I give mad props to you for planning a wedding while in school!

    • Sarah says:

      thanks for your opinion emily! i have no idea what we’re going to do, but it helps me a lot to hear what other people think. and the whole grad school + wedding planning thing is making me go crazy! lol.

  7. Aimee says:

    Something about the blue ties just reads so prom/high school to me. Could you go with black/grey suits, white shirts and black ties & coordinate the blue theme in the boutonniers? I’ve also seen some cool shots of the groom & his men in fun colored/patterned socks… maybe get some more aqua in that way? I guess when I hear of wedding colors I think of them being seen more in the “details”– especially with the neutral bridesmaids look, I feel like the bright aqua might be too overpowering if it’s included via the ties and pocket squares.

    • Sarah says:

      thanks for the ideas aimee! i never thought of the blue ties as prom/high school! i really like the idea of keeping the men in black/grey/white and adding in the blue more subtly. i also think the fun socks is a great idea. not sure if my fiance will go for it, but i’ve seen photos of that too & think it’s really fun.

  8. Hi Sarah! I just found your blog as well. 😀
    I go with option number 2! I know you’re a little afraid they won’t look like they “go together,” but I think the grey in the necklaces, (which I think also makes the dresses slightly more casual,) and a little blue in the flowers will pull it allll together nicely. Black on black would just be too much black like you said, and traditional is always a safe bet, but I’m like you, and I like to be a tad bit unique. Good luck girl! I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog, and putting you in my Google Reader now. 🙂

    • Sarah says:

      thanks mandy! i’ll let you guys all know what we decide to do. i appreciate your feedback & thanks for checking out my blog! (i’m adding you to my reader too.)

  9. I like option #3 because it is classic and timeless!

  10. I’m super late on this – somehow I missed this post before! I like the “traditional” look, but I tend to have fairly traditional (i.e., boring – haha) taste. Another thought: have you thought of blue shirts with a dark (black, navy) or light (silver, yellow) ties?

    • Sarah says:

      late is ok! we haven’t made any decisions yet. 🙂 i haven’t thought about blue shirts. i think we’re going to go to a tux place and look at all of these ideas in person sometime soon.

  11. I love the grey. I’m not a big fan of all black with a big pop of color. And the third is a nice option but super traditional. I think with the flowers and color of the tie the grey would look nice. And grey and black are some of my favorite color combos.

    • Sarah says:

      thanks for your input, cynthia! i think we finally decided that once my sister’s bridesmaid dress arrives, we’re going to go to a tuxedo rental place and look at our choices with the dress in person. we need to actually see them to make a decision!

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