victory dance



i am so pumped to see my boys win! brad and i were yelling so much the dogs were going crazy and my throat hurt before halftime. 🙂

while watching we consumed appropriate football-watching food. pizza from pizzarelli’s!

we ordered a deep dish pizza w/ pepperoni, black olives, and mushrooms. it was soooo cheesy.


brad had a coupon for a family meal deal, so the pizza came with hot wings and toasted ravioli (a st. louis tradition).


and finally, we ordered some baked ziti that went unphotographed because we didn’t even open it.

the puppies were very interested in our food too.


(this is ryno. he’s brad’s roommate’s dog and capone’s littermate! they’re bff.)

this was SO MUCH food. i had one slice of pizza and some toasted rav + wings. and i was STUFFED. well, not stuffed, but full enough and i was saving room for my share of these:

yes, brad and i consumed all of that beer during the football games yesterday. and yes, i had half of them. what can i say? i’m a wisconsin girl who likes my beer! 🙂

another great thing from last night? chobani had a twitter giveaway:


and i won!

i’m so pumped to get my case of chobani’s! i love them but only buy them when they’re on sale or i have a coupon. thanks chobani!!!

it was a fabulous night in watching football with my love! after the game i drank approximately 50 oz of water and took a multi vitamin with lots of b vitamins to try to prevent a hangover today…and it worked! yay. i am craving a delicious fruit + spinach smoothie and lots of veggies today to detox my body after last night.

did you watch television last night? were you a football or miss america watcher?


About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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8 Responses to victory dance

  1. WOW that is some serious pizza!!! you WON chobani? so lucky!

    • Sarah says:

      seriously, the pizza was ridiculous! my fiance is happy though – he has leftovers to last him all week! 🙂 and yeah, isn’t that chobani thing awesome and random! i feel so lucky!

  2. WHOA that pizza looks good!!! Congrats to your team!! I’m a football watcher but only for college as I gotta rep my school lol. Auburn all the way. 😉

  3. Liz Jacquart says:

    pAcK aTtAcK!!

  4. We went to bed. LOL My dad watched that game…and he was not so happy with the outcome. 😉

    I cannot wait to try Lemon Chobani!

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