let’s get organized…organized.

have you seen the office episode where michael helps holly with her ethics seminar and they coming in singing “let’s the ethical…ethical.”? imagine this post’s title sung to that tune. which is actually originally “let’s get physical…physical!” by olivia newton john. (i just learned that she sang the song – i had no idea!)

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i mentioned in my 2011 goals that brad and i will be moving in together in april when he graduates and that before then i would like to “get organized”. i plan to follow one of unclutterer’s tips to get rid of anything that i don’t use NOW so that i don’t move it.

since i plan to get started on this project soon, i thought i’d share the before photos so you know what i’m up against. i will say this, i am very typa a and neat, so these before photos might not look that bad. but i’m envisioning all of this stuff cut in half, at least!

first, the closet. since that IS my biggest task for sure.  here goes…

and the back of my door (purses/scarves/hats/robe/where sweatshirts go to die)…

and then my dresser. this one will be a huge task too. i don’t even want to know what underwear and socks are shoved in the back of those drawers. likely ones that i haven’t worn in years… and don’t even get me started on the t-shirts. apparently i’m a t-shirt hoarder. two of these dresser drawers are dedicated to t-shirts and i wear approximately 5 of them on a regular basis.

now onto the living area. my bookshelves:

this is all of my wedding planning stuff – looks awful! also, what do you do with 150 extra save the dates? i feel bad just throwing them away, but what will i ever use them for?!?

ok, this bookshelf is already in progress – i started taking out the books i KNOW for sure i will not miss at all. before i get rid of the rest of these i need to do a little soul searching. (dramatic much, sarah?)

i can’t lie, i started going through my jewelry the other night before i decided to take before photos, so here is the jewelry i’ve decided to part with (a couple unpictured items went into the trash if they were too tarnished/broken to find a new home for).

whew. i think that’s all. i also have project eat up my pantry in mind. i’ve got a LOT of grains that i’ve randomly picked up and have to eat, not to mention canned goods and other random food items that i really don’t want to move. more to come on that…

the plan was to start this project this weekend, which is why i planned this post for today, but plans have changed and i’m heading down to st. louis to spend the long weekend with this seksi guy:

one of our "fun" engagement photos!

so i guess my weekend plans are now to finish up my paper revisions and snuggle. not a bad weekend! 🙂

have you recently tackled a big organization project? what was your strategy?


also, anyone have any really great weekend plans?


About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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14 Responses to let’s get organized…organized.

  1. i just organized our office and our closet over winter break. for the closet, i threw out everything i hadn’t worn in the past couple of months and gave it to good will. in the office i just tried to sort trash from keep, filed my papers and found a home for everything else. for clothes, sometimes i bag up stuff i’m not totally sure about and hide it away for a month. if i haven’t opened it up specifically to find something after a month, i give it away without looking through it again (that just makes me want to keep it)

    • Sarah says:

      thanks for the great tips, lindsay! i’m planning to use both of those ideas for my closet! i’m going to gather EVERYTHING i haven’t worn in about 6 months and pack it up for goodwill (ok, not everything – there are some fancier dresses, etc. that i don’t have much occasion to wear, but i WILL wear to upcoming weddings, etc.). i’m also going to be rocking the “purgatory” bag/bin of iffy items.

  2. Liz Jacquart says:

    I also just did a little clean up! I got rid of clothes that I havent worn since I moved out to Cali! Next up is all of my tshirts.. they all have a little spot in my heart and just cant get rid of ANY!

  3. i literally just gave my room an GIANT makeover yesterday! i moved furniture and cleaned out all the clutter – i def did not have a great strategy… my room was a COMPLETE MESS for a while, but it was so worth it!

  4. Keep up with those mad organizing skills girl!

    I feel beyond old b/c I know the song, the artist, and have watched the music video to Let’s Get Physical oh so many times…. ahahaha! I’m going to be singing lets get organized alllllllllllll day now =)


  5. YEAH!! you can do it 🙂

    i say toss the save the dates — keep one!!

  6. Oh i’m envious!!!! I go through spurts where i’ll go crazy and re-organize….and then it gets messy again (which is where it’s at now!)

  7. You are really neat if that’s your “before” picture. 🙂 Good luck with the organizing! We’re gearing up for a move in 5-6 months, so I need to tackle more of our (okay, my) messy stuff before then.

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