saturday dinner at pasqual’s

well, my plans for a super productive weekend were certainly not achieved. but, it was so much better than i could have imagined because of brad’s surprise visit. we enjoyed our laid back weekend with lots of meals out and movies watched.

here’s a quick recap:

we did a game night on friday

i reflected on my meditation goal

saturday morning we ate breakfast at la brioche

then we made a quick stop at tj maxx to get my goose of a fiance a new pair of jeans since he forgot to pack them and didn’t want to wear his sweatpants for the whole weekend.

then saturday night we checked another restaurant off of our list. we went to pasqual’s at hilldale! i’ve been here plenty of times with my girls, but brad had never been. it was really dark in there, but i wanted to share some of the photos anyway!

we arrived at about 6pm on saturday and were seated right away, which is always nice! half of the reason i love pasqual’s is their really strong delicious margaritas, so we ordered a pitcher!

now, i learned a little lesson. if they don’t list the price for their pitchers, always ask because they’re bound to be expensive. we didn’t ask, and ended up being shocked when we got our bill and saw that the pitcher was $32! eek. i loved those margaritas, but i didn’t love them $32 worth. tuesday night is half off margarita night, so i recommend waiting for then to order them.

brad and i also ordered guacamole to go with our chips.

they were delicious, of course, but another thing i didn’t love that i’ve never really realized before, is that you have to PAY EXTRA for chips + salsa here. they don’t just automatically bring it to the table like other mexican restaurants do. grr. we chose to get guac, so we knew we’d have to pay extra, but it was $5 for those chips and dips.

good thing our meals were so reasonably priced! i got my favorite – the grilled garden taco dinner with black beans. and it was easy on the wallet at approximately $6. i think i’ve ordered this meal every time i’ve been here. a taco with lots of veggies (ask for them to go light on the sour cream though) and sides of rice and beans. yum.

brad got the shredded chicken quesadilla dinner with pinto beans.

the black beans were by far more tasty than the pinto beans. also, brad’s quesadilla was tasty, but really greasy. 😦

we left with our bellies full and generally satisfied, but this wasn’t as amazing of a dining experience as i remembered or we were hoping. i give pasqual’s a B+ on taste, but when you take into account price, it moved down to a B- or C+. it was good, but it wasn’t worth the $60 bill at the end of the night.

i’ll definitely go back on tuesday night for the half off margaritas or for a night when i don’t want to get a drink, but not for a saturday date night. i think that for the most part, i’ll stick with my favorite mexican place ever, frida on state street! it’s delicious and you can order margaritas without breaking the bank.

after our pricey dinner, we hit up redbox for some cheap entertainment. we got eat pray love, the other guys, and get him to the greek.

what’s your favorite ethnic cuisine?

mexican used to be my favorite, but i think indian has moved up to my top spot!

*note: i hope i don’t come off as a big cheap-o in this post. we’re fine with paying $60+for a nice dinner and drinks every now and then, but we wanted a less expensive dining experience this time. we got a bit lower quality of food but we didn’t think the price matched our overall experience.


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