we FINALLY made that veggie omelette on sunday morning after i was thinking about it all morning on saturday!

we slept in a little bit, but at 9:00 i was HUNGRY. i roused brad and we got to work. just a side note. i love cooking with brad. it feels like such a couple thing to do and since we live so far away right now, it’s one of those moments that i always appreciate.

ok, sappiness over.

i had a ton of veggies in my fridge, so brad got busy chopping. we had green peppers, broccoli, spinach, and tomatoes in our omelette.

while i mixed up 6 eggs with some skim milk and salt + peppa.

i was also in charge of making the coffee.

i let brad have the bucky mug. just because i love him so much. šŸ™‚

we also prepared side of breakfast potatoes. brad’s the expert on these, but i convinced him to use a little something special. garlic gold olive oil to pan fry them in. YUM. my apartment immediately smelled delicious.

then we just let everything cook.

when the eggs were mostly set up, we added cheese to half of the omelette. then brad folded the omelette in half. we put a cover on the pan for a couple minutes then to make sure the middle eggs cooked enough.

look at this final product!

pretty good for our first “real” omelette attempt! usually we just end up scrambling the eggs with veggies.

all dished up with some toast. i also topped my omelette with some edamame hummus from tj’s that i’ve been trying to use up. it was a brilliant addition if i do say so myself!

it was a great way to start the day! šŸ™‚ plus, we enjoyed it on the couch watching eat pray love since we didn’t get to watch it saturday night.

i can’t wait for brad to graduate and move to madison so wonderful weekend mornings like this happen more often.

do you have weekend morning rituals with your significant other or roommate?


About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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12 Responses to finally.

  1. Looks delicious! And I love the Bucky mug!

  2. Gorgeous breakfast! ohmygosh I’m dying for lunch after looking at this!

    Morning rituals for the hubs and I involve alternating weekend breakfasts, sleeping in, annnnd bringing eachother coffee =) love it!

    • Sarah says:

      those are all good morning rituals! i should talk my fiance into that whole bringing me coffee thing. i could definitely get used to that!

  3. That looks great. I bet the olive oil added a lot of flavor!
    I don’t have a roommate or SI, but my morning ritual is stretching, drinking a STRONG cup of coffee while reading blogs, then getting my workout done for the day.

    • Sarah says:

      the olive oil was definitely key. i got it when there was a deal in the KERF opensky store. all of the garlic gold products i got are so good.

      i really want to get into the habit of morning workouts. i worked out before work one day last week so i’m shooting for twice this week! šŸ™‚ starting slow…

  4. We always lounge in bed as long as M will let us on weekends. And we used to always head to the gym together when my membership wasn’t on hold.

    • Sarah says:

      ahhh, yes. i can imagine that kiddies would change our morning routines! šŸ™‚ (i can’t wait!) i do agree that starting out with some kind of workout is a great idea, too! i love how motivated you are to workout when so many people let their kids be an excuse not to do it.

  5. Priyanka says:

    mmm the omlette looks really yummy. On weekends (at least Saturdays) my husband is responsible for breakfast!

    • Sarah says:

      i like that. i would love to institute that with brad, but that would mean i’d get my breakfast around noon or later. he loves to sleep! usually i convince him to get up by telling him it’s breakfast time.

  6. your omelet looks delicious! also, i love your header šŸ™‚

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