la brioche

yesterday morning, brad and i decided that we would rather go out to eat for brunch than make the delicious veggie omelet i had planned (we made it this morning instead!). we had a hard time deciding where to go (brad wanted perkins – but i really didn’t), so we turned to the trusty urbanspoon iphone app! as soon as la brioche popped up i was sold. brad’s cousin recommended it to us a long time ago and i had completely forgotten about it when i wrote up our list of restaurants to try. brad had to be convinced, but after reading its awesome reviews, he agreed to go. let me just say, thank goodness he agreed.

i love la brioche. we will be returning to this place, friends!

as soon as we walked in and i saw the display of fresh breads and the pastry selection, i knew we had a good one.

[sorry for the poor quality photos – i was just snapping away on my iphone!]

it was pretty busy (we went on a saturday at noon), but we only had to wait for 5 minutes to be seated. we were brought to our table and seated in comfy, high backed chairs. i’ve never seen seating like this at a restaurant before. love it!

their brunch menu was great. plenty of choices. i loved that they didn’t stick with typical breakfast ingredients. we had a very hard time choosing what we wanted, but i finally settled on the open faced roasted vegetable sandwich.

brad got the roasted red pepper omelette with avocado and swiss cheese. YUM.

oj for me. coffee for him.

while we waited for our food, we people-watched and i drooled over the deep pink and black damask wall-paper in the back of the restaurant.

notice the wallpaper. love.

our food arrived and did not disappoint.

brad’s omelette was delicious. the roasted red pepper sauce on top complemented the other flavors perfectly. also, the little tastes of swiss cheese were perfect.

my open faced sandwich was really good too. it come on a whole wheat pita automatically, which i love. i hate when restaurants automatically serve white bread and you have to ask to get wheat. i think wheat should always be the default. this dish was so flavorful. the eggplant and sun dried tomatoes were especially noticeable. the zucchini unfortunately got a little lost in the other flavors, though.

i also loved that they served these meals with a side of greens. it’s always nice to get in an extra serving of veggies with breakfast!

then, when the bill came, i fell in love a little more.

they give you your bill in these cute little pockets. i love the cute extra touches like this.

we were both full from our meals, so we grabbed a treat to enjoy a little later.

the cream puff was stuffed full of yummy cream filling. the pastry part of it was a little hard, though. i’ve had doughier cream puffs, but it was great overall. and somehow, we still haven’t tried the red velvet cupcake, but i did take a swipe of the frosting. it’s delish.

so overall, la brioche earns a big old A on taste and ambience. i highly recommend it!

*this post was submitted to urbanspoon, but i was not compensated for my meal or my time.

La Brioche on Urbanspoon

does anyone have other madison restaurant suggestions for us?


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  1. I love La Brioche for breakfast/brunch – so delicious!

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