recipe for a good time


1. great friends

brad surprised me by driving up for the weekend! ❤

2. fun games

3. delicious snacks



simply combine all ingredients and enjoy!

it was a great game night! everyone arrived by 9pm and we stood around the snacks and drinks chatting for a bit. then, we decided to play cranium. WHAT A FUN GAME!! i think we laughed for 3 hours, straight! we missed a couple of the rules that would have shortened the game a little bit, but i honestly don’t care!

i’ve got to say, the humdinger category was my and brad’s favorite! we were on a team together, and he is great at humming! who knew? unfortunately, i’m not quite as good at guessing! i got almost all of them right, but brad hummed his heart out on margaritaville by jimmy buffett and i could not guess it. brad gets pretty worked up playing games, and after the time ran out, he told me the answer, looked around at our friends, and asked them could i have done it ANY better?!? they all agreed that he rocked that humdinger and i just failed at guessing. haha.

but, since i told you about my failure, i have to share brad’s epic mistake too. we had to draw out the clues for this condition.

brad was going along great. he got the ‘heart’ part immediately. when i started drawing the fire, though, he went downhill. when time ran out, he was repeating “heart fire? HEART FIRE?” and could not make the leap to heart BURN. haha. silly brad!

by the time we finished the game with quite a few other laugh-so-hard-you-can’t-breathe moments, it was 1am. let me tell you, for this old gal, that’s LATE! everyone headed home and brad and i quickly cleaned up. here’s the aftermath:

we went through quite a few beers and lots of wine…i guess we like our antioxidents! 🙂 i’m feeling pretty good this morning – i was up and at ’em after only 7 hours of sleep! brad’s still sleeping away in the other room, though. i’m going to go make a yummy veggie omlette for our breakfast!

oh yeah, and because brad arrived last night (literally, within an hour of me telling you what a weekend warrior i’m going to be), i probably will postpone most of my weekend to do list so i can enjoy all our time together!

have any of your significant others ever surprised you like this?

i’ve surprised brad quite a few times by coming down to st. louis a day or two early, and things like that. but this is the first time he’s surprised me. i loved it! 🙂

also, danica over at danica’s daily is having a t-shirt giveaway on her blog. they’re really cute, so click over and enter for yourself! 🙂


About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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4 Responses to recipe for a good time

  1. AAh La Ganja Tempranillo is my favorite wine!! I always buy at least two bottles at a time!

  2. ahha i have to agree – good friends and good food is how to have a blast 🙂

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