snap. back to reality.

today was certainly a reality check for me.

reality check #1: alarm blares at 5:45. i turn off alarm and roll over, still in vacation mode. then wake up frantically at 7:02. i’m late for my first day back!

reality check #2: i’m a graduate student. i don’t have set hours – just self-imposed hours. i am not late. oops.


smile. 🙂

meditate. (for 5 minutes – one of my 2011 goals!)



reality check #3: when i got to work i discovered my inbox in a sad condition: 75 unread messages. (note: these 75 messages are what’s left after filtering out non-work related/fun e-mails. in other words, i have 75 work-related e-mails that i must deal with today). barf. other than the overflowing inbox, my desk is exactly as i left it:

***end complain-fest***

i’m happy to say that i actually got to work before 8:30 (which is when most of my lab-mates get in), i have read and dealt with or delegated for later all of my 75 emails, and i had a fun evening event planned!

some of my friends from my program decided we should get together tonight for a quick & early dinner to catch up from our breaks! 🙂 we planned to go to sunroom cafe on state street. LOVE. it’s a pretty small restaurant on the second floor of one of the state street stores (i’m not even sure what’s underneath it) that serves amazing fresh meals. i already knew what i was going to get – my usual: portabella mushroom sandwich (grilled portabellas, roasted red peppers, grilled red onions, mozzarella) with a side of tabouli. SO. GOOD.

but when we got there we saw a sad sign that said that they closed at 4pm today and would re-open at 7am tomorrow. well, that didn’t help us! so instead we went across the street to rising sons deli – a little place serving laos and thai food. it was most of our first time and i was pleased over-all. i stuck with a sure thing – pad thai. i snapped a quick photo on my iphone to share with you!

the restaurant was really small, but service was great. when it first came out, the pad thai was pretty dry, but i added a little soy sauce and chili paste and then it was delicious and spicy. most of my friends were pretty pleased with their meals too. overall, i’d give rising sons a B-. the food was good, but really, nothing to get super excited over. there’s certainly better (similarly priced) thai food in madison. i’d go back if i was with someone who wanted to, but i probably won’t choose it again.

it was so nice to catch up with my girls. i haven’t really talked to any of them over the holiday break besides quick texts or g-chat messages, so we had a lot to catch up on! also, one of them is leaving tomorrow for puerto rico for almost 2 weeks, so i’m glad i got to see her before she left!

now i want to share something fun with you guys… when i arrived at my apartment yesterday, i had a fun package waiting outside my door!

my friend, stacy, has an awesome shoe blog that you should definitely check out. a few weeks ago, she hosted a giveaway from wanted shoes, and I WON! a free pair of shoes, that is. so, allow me to introduce you to my new dakota boots!

woooo! thanks stacy & wanted shoes! i love them.

it was kind of snowy and gross here today, and i didn’t want to take the chance of ruining them the first time i wore them, so i resisted my urge to sport them today, and wore my fake uggs from target instead. but, here they are on me before i left my apartment (hey, i can at least see how they would have looked with this outfit, right?).

[ok, so i haven’t really gotten the hang of the self-timer photos yet…]

ok, now it’s off to attend to one of my 2011 goals:  running 500 miles in 2011. it’s already the 4th day and i have 0 miles logged. oops. that will change tonight with the help of THE BIGGEST LOSER PREMIER! what can i say, i’m hooked to this show. since i don’t have tv, and am too impatient to wait for the show to be posted online the next day, i go to the gym to watch it! it’s TWO HOURS, so i should be able to knock off at least a few miles from that goal of 500, huh? well, maybe i’ll do a little elliptical or stairmaster in there too to keep things interesting!

i’ll let you know how it goes! 🙂

random note: if you like the decemberists, you can listen to a full sneak peek (sneak hear?) of their new album on npr here. i listened to it while i was working this morning & i can’t wait to buy it!

question: anybody else go to the gym to watch television? it’s certainly a good motivator for me! 🙂


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hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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2 Responses to snap. back to reality.

  1. Liz Jacquart says:

    I do watch t.v often when I work out! I have gone for specific shows but since I like to workout in the morning, I just watch what is on! Fresh Prince of Bel-Air! Nothing better!

    • Sarah says:

      i was tempted by saved by the bell this morning, but then i watched some hgtv shows instead. it was less embarrassing! not judging on the fresh prince though!

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