personal growth in 2011

i think i’m in shock that it’s the second day of 2011. 2010 went by very quickly!

i had a great year in 2010, but i found myself feeling a little down a lot of the time. after doing some self-evaluation i realized that i was allowing myself to just come home, put on sweat pants, plop on the couch to watch netflix, or take long naps all afternoon, and wasn’t really doing anything productive. since i live by myself, it was really easy to fall into that slump. so, i decided to include some goals for 2011 that will hopefully keep me from falling back into those depressing habits again in 2011. you can see my fitness and education goals for 2011 here.

personal goals.

  • improve my cooking/baking skills by trying one new recipe from cookbooks or blogs per week

i’m hoping that this will keep my from getting into a food slump. by keeping my diet fresh and exciting, hopefully that will translate into other areas of my life.

  • try a new food each month

same rationale as above. some ideas include millet, tempeh, nutritional yeast, lentils, almond or soy milk

  • try a new restaurant each month

hopefully this goal will work two-fold. first, it will keep a variety in my food choices. second, this will present an opportunity at least once each month to get out with some friends, in addition to what i already do.

  • start a blog and post at least 5 times per week, hopefully daily

part of the reason i’m so excited about this blog is that it will give me something to do each night other than watching tv, reading, or napping. also, i think having to come up with something to write about each day will keep life fresh and interesting. maybe i’ll be more open to new experiences and trying new things so i can let you guys know what i learn from them!

  • meditate daily for 5 minutes in the morning OR at night

i’ve recently become more interested in the benefits of meditation. i think that a couple minutes each day of simply clearing my mind will help me become more mindful of my feelings and actions. i tend to be a very scattered multi-tasker and i would like to be more conscious to slow down.

  • get organized

i know this is a very vague goal – let me explain. brad and i will be moving into an apartment together once he graduates in april. we can’t live in my current apartment because dogs aren’t allowed in my building and of course, capone will be moving with brad! so, in combining our two apartments into one, there are a lot of overlapping items and we both have unused items that should be donated anyway. to help get organized for the move, i plan to go through everything in my apartment: closets, kitchen, books, decorations, etc. to find things that i don’t use or things that brad has a nicer version of. these items will be donated if they are in good condition or tossed/recycled if no one else would have use for them either.

whew. i know i’ve got quite a few goals for the new year. i think they’re all attainable with some planning and organization. i also hope to look back at this post frequently to remind myself of WHY i want to make these changes.

do you make new years resolutions? what is the one that you are most looking forward to implementing?

About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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