bright spot

here’s a random tid-bit that i learned in my football-filled weekend: in college football, if the ball is fumbled and the fumbler recovers the ball and goes out of bounds, the ball goes back to the location of the fumble, not to the location where it went out of bounds. brad explained that this is because forward progress cannot be made off of a fumble, otherwise people might have incentive to TRY to fumble (or something like that)…

ok, probably more than any of you wanted to know about that little football rule. for some reason, it was the first thing i thought of when i sat down to write this post!

today and tomorrow are going to be rough. today i drove my sister and her boyfriend to the milwaukee airport to go back to california. i’m not sure when the next time i see them will be – possibly not until june. 😦

and then tomorrow brad is going back down to st. louis for his last trimester of chiropractic school and i’m heading back to madison – to grad school and lab work.

don’t get me wrong, i love madison and all of my friends in my program, but it’s hard to look at the positive when it also means the end of an amazing 1.5 week vacation filled with family and old friends. and it means going back to my lonely apartment – even though i’m armed with plenty of goals and resolutions to keep the loneliness away.

however, there was one bright spot to this day:  the packers won!!! i grew up in manitowoc, wi, about 30 minutes from green bay, so i have always been a packers fan to the core. that also means that i have been anti chicago bears since birth. and today we beat the bears!!! today’s win also means that we are playing a wild-card playoff game!

brad and i picked up my sister, liz and her boyfriend, keith from my mom’s house this afternoon. we took a little photo shoot in our new christmas presents before we left to go watch the game!

me and liz

me and brad

me, my mom, liz

my favorite little packer fan, blake

liz & keith

after taking some pictures in our packers gear, we piled into a car to drive to milwaukee. since liz & keith’s flight back to cali was right after the game, we needed to get closer to the airport to watch the game. we settled on buffalo wild wings.

it was packed full of packer backers, but we got a table in the bar area and ordered some yummy (greasy) game food. [excuse the poor quality iphone photos]

liz got an order of fried pickles for the table. none of us had ever tried them and we were pleasantly surprised. if you didn’t put too much sauce on them, you could actually taste the crunchy pickle inside! 🙂

i ordered a plain cheese quesadilla, which i ate most of. i also had little tastes of everyone else’s food too!

we had to leave before the game was over so liz and keith could catch their flight, but we listened to the exciting ending of the game on the radio. i was so sad to say goodbye to liz, but i’m hoping to see her and keith soon!

any other packers fans out there??

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