looking forward to 2011

Happy New Year!

i hope you all had a safe and festive new years eve last night! i certainly had a great time.

we ordered pizza from a delicious local italian restaurant, luigi’s. brad and i chose a small white pizza and a small pesto pizza. brad thought the white pizza was better, but i love the spicy pesto on their pesto pizza. it was a perfect new years’ lunch!

to ring in the new year, brad and i invited my sister, her boyfriend, my best friend, and her fiance over to his parents’ house (they’re out of town and we’re staying here for the holidays). i whipped up some beer dip with pretzels and crackers for an appetizer.

the main food was a delicious fondue dinner with cheese and oil fondue and lots of dippers! we chose from broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, and bread to dip in the cheese fondue. then for the oil we had breaded popcorn shrimp, breaded mushrooms, steak, jalapeño poppers, crab rangoons, and pot stickers!

certainly not the healthiest options, but it was delicious!


i mentioned yesterday that i would share some of my goals for 2011 with you. i hope that by sharing, it will help keep me accountable and thinking about making progress on them. so, here they are!

my 2011 goals:

fitness goals. to weigh 1xx pounds by august 27, 2011 (my wedding!). this goal weight is what i weighed when brad and i started dating. this is approximately 20 pounds less than i weigh right now. yep, i’ve gained 20 pounds in the 2.5 years that brad and i have been together . some of this i attribute to graduate school and changing my lifestyle since i graduated college. i don’t feel comfortable in my own skin right now – this is the heaviest i’ve ever been and i need to make some changes.

i also have let my fitness go by the wayside. so, i have some specific smaller goals to make fitness a priority:

  • to do yoga 2x per week. this can be as simple as my 20 minute yoga dvd’s. i want to make this fit into my lifestyle, so i’m not setting a minutes per session goal so i don’t put too much pressure on myself.
  • to run 500 miles in 2011. i used to run a lot more, but after letting my gym membership expire, and the weather turning colder, i haven’t ventured out for runs lately. i’d like to get my running endurance back up there and i think 500 miles is a challenging, yet attainable goal.
  • to add 2 strength training sessions per week. i know strength training is important so i’d like to add this back into my rotation.

education goals. i have a lot of goals that will help me continue making progress in my phd program.

  • to submit two papers to nutrition/obesity journals. i have been working on two projects for the last year and they are both ready to be written up.
  • to present my research at one national convention. this will probably be at the obesity society annual meeting that will be in miami in october 2011. my entire lab will probably attend, and this meeting features a lot of research that is related to my research project.
  • to officially become a dissertator. in my program, students have to pass two preliminary exams during their third year of the program. i already passed one of these exams and will take my second in march.
  • finally, to successfully complete my thesis research project/data collection. my research is on pace to be finished and ready for me to write my thesis by september 2011. this means that if all goes according to plan, i should graduate with my phd in may or august 2012.

i’ll be back tomorrow with my personal goals for 2011 – they’re pretty lengthy and i realized i’ve been long-winded already.

we’re heading over to my mom’s house to watch the badgers play tcu in the rose bowl.

capone says ‘go badgers!’

[actually, he says ‘mom, i can’t believe you’re making me wear this bandana.’]

is anyone else spending their new years day watching college football bowl games??

who are you cheering for?


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hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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