bummer badgers

my badgers lost the rose bowl. 😦 it was a good effort though – but they’re definitely better than they looked today. capone was sad they lost too (or maybe it was just because i wouldn’t let him take his bandana off).

we watched the game at my mom’s house! she and my stepdad invited a couple of their friends over to watch the game on their new 52″ tv. as always, she put out quite the spread of snacks. she had toasted bread with homemade spinach artichoke dip, bagel chips with a cream cheese dip, ruffles with shrimp dip, and tortilla chips with buffalo chicken dip. of course, i filled my plate.

i went back for another much larger serving of the tortilla chips and buffalo chicken dip. it’s my favorite!

my family always puts together pools when we watch sports games together and today was no exception. we had a $5 pool and a $1 pool, so brad and i each bought one spot in each pool.

and…..i randomly got the number zero in each pool, so I WON $35 (the final score was 21-19)! woot. i never seem to win anything, so i was pretty pumped! and bonus: i got to cuddle with this little guy

this is my mom and stepdad’s new puppy, boone. he’s about 3.5 months old and is such a squishy little snuggle-bug. i want to steal him and take him home so capone can have a brother!

i wasn’t feeling very well after the game so we came home right away. capone hasn’t been feeling well either, so he and i are taking it easy watching tv and doing lots of laundry tonight while brad meets a couple of his friends for a drink or two.

check back tomorrow for the rest of my 2011 goals!

any other badger fans out there? we can be sad about the game together.

About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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2 Responses to bummer badgers

  1. I was actually at the rosebowl! It was depression central after the game 😦

    Woohoo for madison bloggers!

    • Sarah says:

      thanks for stopping by!

      my fiance’s parents were at the rose bowl too. they said there was amazing energy at the game, but the rest of the trip was a little sad. it was definitely a sad night at our house…

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