101 in 1001

i’ve decided to take the 101 in 1001 plunge after seeing so many bloggers commit to completing their list of 101 things they’d like to complete in 1001 days.

start date: april 6, 2011

end date: january 1, 2014*

*i had no idea i was starting this so that it ends on new years day! how cool!

here are my 101 things in no particular order:

1. get married (completed 8.27.11 )

2. go cherry picking

3. go apple picking (completed 10.9.11)

4. go strawberry picking (completed 7.3.11)

5. make an entire meal only using ingredients from the dane county farmers market

6. get my phd

7. visit a winery

8. eat at l’etoile

9. run a 5k

10. run a half marathon

11. publish 3 peer-reviewed papers

12. tour new glarus brewery

13. switch blog to self-hosted

14. donate hair to locks of love (at least 10 inches!)

15. run crazylegs

16. volunteer with REAP on a weekend

17. read the bible

18. bake bread with yeast (completed 11.30.11)

19. complete 60-day insanity program

20. take a vacation to san francisco/sonoma

21. host a holiday cookie swap

22. take a bikram yoga class

23. eat a vegan diet for one month

24. hike at devil’s lake

25. get a massage

26. camp in a tent (completed 7.9.11)

27. get a puppy (a brother for capone!) (completed 10.21.11)

28. see films at the wisconsin film festival

29. eat out during madison’s restaurant week

30. host a holiday meal (thanksgiving or easter?)

31. join a church with brad

32. pay off credit card debt

33. host a game night

34. get a job (after i graduate!)

35. go rock-climbing

36. get back in touch with an old friend

37. get a mani/pedi (completed 8.25.11)

38. make my own macaroons

39. cook risotto

40. travel internationally (canada counts….!)

41. read 26 books when i’m 26 (list tbd)

42. purchase jewelry from etsy

43. send a friend a note for no reason

44. re-learn german

45. watch all lord of the rings movies (for brad) (completed 6.7.11 – unblogged)

46. watch star wars movies (for brad) (completed 5.20.11)

47. buy art from etsy

48. dye easter eggs

49. make my own nut butter (completed 7.2.11)

50. go one week without watching any tv or movies

51. go kayaking

52. make grandma’s beet soup

53. adopt a family for christmas

54. learn non-automatic features of my point & shoot (completed 12.10.11)

55. re-set mom’s ruby ring in silver or white gold

56. see concerts at summerfest (i’ve never been!)

57. go to wisconsin state fair and eat funnel cake

58. attend a green bay packers game (completed 10.16.2011)

59. attend a milwaukee brewers game

60. see live music at the terrace

61. go fishing

62. make a pie from scratch

63. leave 1 operation beautiful note per day for 30 days

64. donate blood

65. wear false eyelashes

66. take my mom out to dinner

67. join a softball league

68. see a theater performance (a musical?!)

69. go skiing

70. go sledding

71. have a picnic

72. watch fireworks (completed 7.4.11)

73. have a christmas tree in our house (completed 11.28.11)

74. cook with tempeh (completed 10.4.11)

75. present a seminar

76. buy a house

77. get another tattoo

78. do an eat-in month with brad

79. make soft pretzels (completed 9.12.11)

80. take my sister out to eat for dinner

81. sing karaoke

82. attend a madison blogger meet up

83. ride a roller coaster

84. play frisbee (completed 6.29.11)

85. lay on a beach

86. eat at bluephies (completed 11.18.11)

87. visit olbrich botanical gardens (i can’t believe i haven’t done this yet in the 3 years i’ve lived in madison)

88. try acupuncture

89. spend a night in door county

90. go to chicago for a girls’ weekend (completed 6.19.11)

91. post a vlog

92. change my name (completed 9.13.11)

93. redesign my blog

94. learn to do crow pose

95. attend a badger football game

96. go to a casino (gambling is optional!)

97. moderate a #fitblog chat

98. do a diy project from young house love (completed 10.10.11)

99. make my own hummus (completed 6.30.11)

100. exercise in the morning for 1 month (and hopefully keep it up after that!)

101. go 30 days without hitting snooze on alarm clock (completed 10.1.11)


i’ll update the blog as i cross things off this list & link back to them from here!

12 Responses to 101 in 1001

  1. Kelly says:

    This is so exciting!! I would love to do LOTS of these things with you so if you ever need a partner in crime, just let me know! 🙂

  2. Great list. I am going to finish up my list this weekend. I am going to borrow “make my own nut butter.” I am finding it difficult to get to 101! I tried Bikram yoga and LOVED it. Have fun.

    • Sarah says:

      i’m glad you like my list! 🙂 i definitely borrowed a couple of these things from heather (then heather said), julie (savvy eats), and jessica (healthy living in america’s dairyland)! it’s hard to come up with 101 things!

  3. 30 days without hitting snooze. When you complete that I am going to start calling you my hero! Good luck with your list!

  4. what a fantastic list!! i love it. you will DEFINITELY get crow – all the sudden it will click! it actually doesn’t take nearly as much strength as it looks – it’s much more of a balance 🙂

  5. ps: i am editing my post to link to your list 🙂

  6. Chelsea says:

    Hey! I just found your blog through Sarah (SHU above), and I’m a fellow Madisonian. Can you believe what crazy weather we’re having right now? I enjoyed reading your list, and have done and/or wanted to do a lot of things on there. Have you ever checked out Running Diva Mom’s blog? She loves putting together local blogger/runner events so getting in touch with her could definitely help you out with #82.

    • Sarah says:

      hey chelsea! thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂 i am always excited to “meet” fellow madisonians!!

      i’m actually missing the crazy weather because i’m in st. louis, but i’ve heard things are a little wild up there right now.

      i’ve never visited running diva mom’s blog, but now i’m going to go check our her’s and your blog!!! 🙂 thanks for the tip!

  7. Sarah says:

    Didn’t you complete #7 (visit a winery) the weekend of Brad’s graduation at the end of April?!?! We went to a few that day! Great list!

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